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The ASEA product and opportunity is so strong it gives us the courage to be truthful and transparent. We do not need to hype or over exaggerate. We do not have to bribe or persuade. Most importantly everything we do is focused on building long term sustainable growth and the next great legacy company in Network Marketing.
Principle Filled & Purpose Driven
Despite being a relatively young company (officially launched Sept 10th 2010) ASEA is committed to developing a principle and purpose driven culture. ASEA has NOT taken the common shortcuts that some Network Marketing companies are tempted to take. This includes giving top leaders “sweetheart” deals for joining the company or even worse giving them special positioning in the compensation structure. This unfair and un-principled behavior has proven the downfall of several companies over the last few years.
Maintain P over E While Driving Up C
At ASEA, we stress an important concept that demonstrates the importance of keeping “motivation for and commitment to” Ego and Economics in check versus “motivation for and commitment to” principles and purpose. We believe, that for long term success, our “P” score must always remain higher than our “E” score. At the same time we strive to increase our Capacity and become the best that we can be.
Believe – Belong – Become
We offer entrepreneurs a place where they can believe in a product that is real and backed by patented science and thousands of lives changed. We create an environment where they can belong to a movement and a cause that is filled with a tremendous sense of purpose. And finally we offer the support and training necessary for people to become all they can be, for some, to become the leader that people are looking for. If that is you, I looking forward to speaking with you.
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